Business Leads Verified and Transferred

Are you trying to promote your Business but are unsatisfied with the quality of sales leads you have bought so far? Did they mostly lead you to dead ends and points of no return? We think we know why. Most lead buyers like you have traditionally purchased what are called Internet paper leads from unscrupulous Internet scam artists who bundle Sales Leads by scraping the Internet and selling contact information to unsuspecting customers. Other legitimate operations use online feedback forms to generate and package leads.

Some of these leads work, but it's like playing hit or miss in the dark for which entrepreneurs like you have no time for. Such leads are never verified and often sold to multiple businesses. Did you ever find out much to your dismay that you were the third or fourth company calling the same lead? We're not surprised.

At Higher Response marketing INC., every single lead is verified and documented thus generating not only a Qualified lead but also a verifiable paper trail. Our phone verified leads are based on a scientific pre-screening process during which our trained consultants ask many questions about the prospect's interests and preferences. Contact information such as name, complete mailing address, e-mail address, land line phone number, cell phone numbers, and other critical data is gathered and recorded. Our verified leads are all set to be transferred to you using over-the-horizon Live Transfer Technology.

Phone verified leads from Higher Response marketing INC. are not only hot, they are first classified and briefed by one of our experienced Phone Verification Consultants prior to being transferred to you. The best way to learn more about our phone verified leads is to call us and speak with one of our Leads Representatives to discuss your specific needs and share information regarding your customer profile. So, why not call a Lead Consultant and see for yourself how we can propel you way ahead of your competition by equipping your sales team with a complete leads generation package that has been customized and tailored to your specifications.

Phone verified Live Transfer leads from Higher Response marketing INC. are developed from inception with you in mind. They are yours to use and are never resold or recycled. Leads are generated by highly trained and competent lead consultants at our facilities who really know the business and possess the ability to intuitively sense your needs. This is precisely why our phone verified leads are always a perfect match that inspires our customers to come back for more.

Our leads are perfect for promoting a wide range of businesses such as:

  • Home-based business
  • Mortgage Refinance business
  • Real Estate sales business
  • MLM marketing business
  • Many more '
So the next time you decide to expand your sales force or to increase business, or to simply follow quality leads, speak to one of the Lead Consultants at Higher Response marketing INC. and request more information and guidance. Our premium phone verified leads are highly affordable, expertly sourced, and methodically crafted to transform your phone lines into power lines of profitability and long-lasting business success!

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