Merchant Service Leads

If you are planning to promote and expand your Credit Card processing, online merchant transaction, or check payment services company, it goes without saying that you will most certainly need hundreds of fresh, Verified, and authentic leads to generate new business.

At Higher Response marketing, Inc., our credit card processing leads, online check verification leads, merchant cash advance leads and merchant transaction processing leads are delivered to you only after they are efficiently verified and qualified by our quality assurance group. Your Business is in safe hands because the highly targeted leads we generate are not only live, they are generated in Real Time.

Start receiving fresh merchant service leads today and enjoy the benefits of an integrated and unified approach to superior quality lead generation. At Higher Response marketing, Inc., each live lead is practically a confirmed customer and not merely a prospect or a statistic. Higher Response marketing, Inc. uses innovative Live Transfer Technology that ensures your merchant leads are not merely seeking information about offering credit cards or online check payment services to their customers, but are ready to do serious business with you.

Voice leads from Higher Response marketing, Inc. are exclusive to you. Our scientific contact process pre-qualifies and pre-screens your B2B prospects to accurately ensure that the prospective company is seeking the exact services you provide. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on Internet paper leads when you can have affordably priced live business leads that are serious and interested in talking to you.

Our opt-in credit card processing, merchant service leads for example, have not only initiated the process of contacting you, they represent a phenomenal growth segment that uses Credit cards to process online transactions on their e-commerce web sites. Don't lose business to others by simply expecting a garden variety B2B solution to work for you. It won't. It's time to be pro-active--time to call Higher Response marketing, Inc. and sign up for our live leads package!

Sales Leads from Higher Response marketing, Inc. are not sourced through impersonal online forms on the Internet. Internet paper leads that are generated through online surveys, questionnaires, and forms tend to be misleading and often outdated. Our merchant transaction processing leads and merchant cash advance leads, for example, are generated live through a personal one-to-one interaction over the phone.

You have access to these hot off the press live leads within hours and not within days or weeks. Buying voice leads from us allows you to reduce your risk, control your costs, and propel your ROI. So why not call us today and try our package? B2B lead generation is a major business arena today and Higher Response marketing, Inc. has established its industry leadership position thanks to its innovative approach to live lead generation. Using our state-of-the-art Live Transfer Technology, we can set up pre-screened and Qualified appointments for your sales consultants based on your preferences.

Ask us to provide you with Targeted leads that feature companies looking for:

  • Credit cards and debit card processing services
  • Credit card terminal services
  • Point of Sale (POS) services
  • Online check processing services
  • Merchant transaction processing services
  • Merchant cash advance services
      Call or write to us today for a risk-free consultation and watch your business grow exponentially one step at a time!

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