Targeted Leads For Business Services

There was a time when targeted direct e-mail marketing was the most highly sought after marketing tool in a marketing professional's arsenal. It was effective, result-driven, and most importantly, free. Not any more. Spam filters today are based not on algorithms alone, they are intuitive in nature and do an excellent job weeding out bulk e-mail. Anti-spam legislation hasn't helped either. But there is good news for you: Live Transfer Technology is finally here!

At Higher Response marketing INC., we have harnessed a new combination of telecommunication and computer technology to bring you highly targeted voice transfer leads for business services that connect you with willing prospects live, in Real Time, and in a near-instant setting. Our targeted leads bring the business to you. Provide us with a detailed profile of your ideal prospect and we will map our leads to your exacting specifications. You can segment your voice leads in a number of ways and group your business services live leads accordingly. Segment them by geographical region, zip code, area code, age, monthly income, gender, or any functional parameter.

Targeted leads from Higher Response marketing INC. are developed solely for your use. Once a potential customer is identified by one of our qualified leads consultants, the prospect is carefully Verified and pre-screened before the call is transferred to you. When you talk to the lead, it's yours! You can call the prospect back and develop an ongoing relationship, create a loyalty base, and even offer incentives for referral Business.

After all, it's your prospect! Targeted business service leads from Higher Response marketing INC. will never be resold, recycled or repackaged. Conversely, targeted leads from Higher Response marketing INC. are never bundled from third party sources and therefore cannot be forwarded to you. Our leads are hot, waiting to talk and ready to roll! This alone is a plausible reason for you to pick up the phone and call us. We will arrange a free consultation with a Leads Consultant who will carefully explain the process to you step by step and answer all your questions. So why not call us and connect with your businness leads generation partner today?

High-impact targeted leads from Higher Response marketing INC. are never unrelated or irrelevant to your core business function. Leads are first Qualified, verified, and then transferred to your sales team in using a live, real time leads transfer protocol. We are your trusted authority for premium voice leads that are ready to talk and buy.

At Higher Response marketing INC., we never use outsourced contact centers located in foreign countries to interact with our prospects. Our lead generation products are conceptualized, developed, and made in the USA at facilities that support local economies within the country. So why not call us and keep the business where it belongs and needs to stay? Call one of our qualified Lead Consultants and ask them to show how we can partner with you to exponentially build your business in no time.

Try targeted voice leads from Higher Response marketing INC. for:

  • Insurance products
  • Real Estate products
  • Annuity products
  • Seminar products
  • MLM products
In short, for every type of sales activity-from automobiles to zoo memberships. Call us today for a no-risk consultation and give us an opportunity to show you how targeted business services leads can become confirmed sales that you can close even before you know it!

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