Live Transfer Insurance Lead

Sales mastermind Zig Zigler once wrote, "Sales is the easiest low paying work and the hardest high paying work."

Insurance brokers and agents who earn top incomes do so because they have an efficient means of attracting high-quality insurance leads. Although top producers tend to have better closing ratios than their lesser skilled counterparts, they also spend more time in front of prospects who have both the ability and desire to become policyholders.

By combining the magic of live lead transfer with the efficiency of lead generation broadcasting, Higher Response marketing INC. can help you and your agents spend more time preparing quotes, following up, closing deals, and moving your files through underwriting.

Our state-of-the-art lead generation system can be custom tailored to ring your agency's phones with prospects who have heard your offer and taken direct action to express their desire to speak with an agent. Getting started only requires one simple call to 888.828.1771 ext. 81, so call today!

We have created effective programs to deliver the following types of insurance leads:

  • Car insurance leads: Imagine getting live car insurance leads without the hassle of phone tag answering machines and other barriers of turning a lead into a client.
  • Homeowners insurance leads: Whether your Campaign is designed to attract first time homebuyers or underinsured existing homeowners, Higher Response marketing INC. can help deliver the leads that fit your needs!
  • health insurance leads: From high deductible policies for catastrophic illness to comprehensive health insurance for sole proprietors, we can help capture a bigger share of this key market.
  • Long-term care insurance leads: With the ballooning costs of long-term care, many Americans are woefully underinsured. Our professionally produced broadcast lead generation system can stimulate them to respond to your offer and connect live with your agents.
  • Disability insurance leads: Few Americans have the financial resources to cope with long or short-term disability without insurance. However, most don't have enough disability insurance to protect themselves or their families. If you'd like your agents to write more of this Business, Higher Response marketing INC. can put them on the phone live with people seeking coverage.
  • Mortgage Insurance leads: Only a tiny percentage of homeowners have a realistic plan in place to cope with the death of the person whose wages pay the mortgage. Our programs have worked well to gather, educate, and sell these valuable future clients.
  • Life Insurance leads: With the breakneck speed of life today, few people take the time for an annual review of their life insurance needs with a Qualified agent. Marriage, the birth of a child, or the launch of a new business all signal a greater need for life insurance. Our experienced scriptwriters can help you tap in to these needs and turn lukewarm insurance shoppers in to live leads and next year's renewals.
  • Commercial Insurance leads: From Property and casualty coverage for a company's facility, to workers' compensation insurance, to liability insurance -- commercial insurance clients have many pressing needs for quality coverage. Your Direct Source Inc. has the expertise to help you reach executives with the authority to buy commercial Insurance policies.
  • Business Insurance leads: If you need more business insurance leads to meet your sales goals, make a call to Higher Response marketing INC. at 888.828.1771 ext. 81. Let us help you today by delivering Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results.
To see what you could achieve with additional exclusive insurance leads, call 888.828.1771 ext. 81. We'll be glad to share with you the formula that has included our firm among the fastest growing providers of insurance leads in the Southeast. Let us help your business grow. Call today!

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