Consumer Debt Settlement Leads

As the instability in credit markets causes lenders to tighten credit standards, many consumers are feeling the pinch of past due Credit Card bills, unpaid medical bills, and urgent calls from collection agencies.

With the slowing Real Estate market and rising rates of foreclosure, tapping Home Equity isn't as easy a route to debt consolidation. Many consumers feel trapped and unsure of where to turn to restore order to their financial lives.

If your firm specializes in helping consumers negotiate debt settlements, Higher Response Marketing, Inc. has a new and effective way to deliver borrowers who need your help to your phone lines as warm transfers.

Our leads don't arrive by fax or e-mail. Instead, we Live Transfer the consumer who wants debt relief directly to your most seasoned debt negotiators. No callbacks. No disconnected phones. No dealing with other members of the household.

If you can see the possibilities of this type of lead generation to grow your debt settlement Business, call Higher Response Marketing, Inc. today at 888.828.1771 ext. 81.

With over 20 years experience in sales, sales management, and direct response lead generation marketing for financial services companies, the founder of Higher Response Marketing, Inc. is uniquely Qualified to help you create a debt settlement Lead generation program that calls debtors to action and to become closable leads.

Our trained scriptwriters and top voice talent have produced lead-getting Campaigns in all of these segments:

  • Credit card debt settlement leads
  • Medical or hospital debt leads
  • Collection accounts debt leads
  • Charge off Debt Consolidation leads
  • Revolving credit account restructuring leads
With unmatched control over message and call lists, we can assure pinpoint accuracy in reaching the prospects you want to reach by filtering our lists or yours. All of our lead campaigns are fully Do Not Call list compliant and contain easy steps for consumers to opt-out and request removal.

Here are six of the reasons that our other debt negotiation lead clients have given us for preferring our leads to paper debt settlement leads:

  • In house debt settlement leads: We don't subcontract lead generation to any other lead company. All of our leads come directly from broadcasting your professionally produced message and they go only to your debt negotiators. The right number of debt settlement leads: Our clients include large multistate debt settlement negotiators who need hundreds of leads per day, as well as small sole proprietors who only want a few extra leads every day. We can provide you with a predictable number of debt settlement inquiries so that you can maintain service levels as you grow.
  • Simple Debt lead tracking tools: Managing your ongoing marketing effort is simple. As a Higher Response Marketing, Inc. customer, you can manage your campaign as it unfolds using our Internet-based system. It's easy to see how many leads you received for the day, turn leads on or off, or change the telephone number where debt consolidation leads go on the fly.
  • Debt settlement leads now: Many forms of advertising have long lead times before your office ever gets a single inquiry. Higher Response Marketing, Inc. can start to deliver Targeted debt settlement leads almost immediately. Leads that fit you your customer profile: With complete control over your message and the ability to apply filters to your list or ours, we can help you reach the right debt settlement leads with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Debt settlement leads without long-term commitments or auto renewals: Higher Response Marketing, Inc. has grown quickly in the last 12 months because of our fair and straightforward pricing. We don't believe in auto renewals. We don't require Long Term contracts to deliver Live Transfer debt leads. Our exclusive debt settlement leads and the results your team achieves from them are how we earn continued live leads orders.
If your current method of prospecting is not getting you enough quality debt settlement leads, call Higher Response Marketing, Inc. now 888.828.1771 ext. 81. Let us show you how easy it is to get Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results.

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