Consumer Credit Repair Leads

Are you looking for high quality credit repair leads that will connect you with serious customers? Higher Response Marketing, Inc is your answer to live, Real Time credit repair and credit restoration leads that will help you close your sale in minutes. Why? Because our leads mean serious prospects who are ready to talk. Thanks to our innovative Live Transfer Technology, you no longer have to depend on Internet paper leads of dubious quality that have probably been recycled a half-dozen times.

Why waste valuable time trying to generate quality leads for your Business when you need to focus on your core activity and building your customer base? Those who genuinely need your services with low credit scores aren't easy to locate any more. Real time lead generation is a specialized business and you need the professionals at Higher Response Marketing, Inc to provide live, Qualified leads so that your phone lines stay busy.

You can generate your own credit repair leads and work them over the phone or through the Internet using an autoresponder. But will they bring you results? Probably not. These credit restoration leads are usually not qualified and many of those who will respond to your lead generation efforts aren't even close to the fence, let alone sitting on it. Our Live Transfer Technology puts you in touch with warm leads right then and there with no lag time whatsoever.

At Higher Response Marketing, Inc, you receive value for your money. When you buy from us, you are buying high quality credit repair leads that are pre-screened and confirmed. Your prospects are not on hold. They are ready to talk and to listen.

Since all our leads are live, they are exclusive. You will never find that you are the third credit services company to speak to the prospect.

Would you prefer a credit repair lead that is near instant or one that is recycled and probably three weeks old? Your live prospects are anxious to go mainstream because they are motivated to correct their damaged credit reputation.

When you buy credit repair leads or Debt leads from us, your sales team will tell you about the exceptional conversion rates of our live leads. Quick conversion ratios translate into increased business and profitability.

Credit repair leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc cannot be purchased from third parties and resold to you because they are live. We not only originate the lead for you, but also verify authenticity before the call is transferred to your sales team. Buy your credit repair leads by geographical region and pay only for the package that suites your needs.

Use our leads to provide services in areas such as:

  • Automobile debt
  • Collections
  • Credit Card debt
  • Damaged credit reports
  • Home Loans
  • Insurance and savings
  • Late payments
  • Low FICO scores
  • Tax debt
Our live, real time bad credit repair leads will connect your sales consultants to individuals who are not simply contemplating their credit damage, but are ready to do something about it. We offer three attractively priced packages for you to choose from. Order your package today and keep your sales force sprinting!

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