Seminar Lead Prospect Development

Are you looking for quality seminar leads for your next seminar event? Do you believe that Sales Leads from traditional sources are no longer as productive as they used to be?

Locating winning seminar prospects to generate new buyers through creativity and innovation has been the mainstay of successful marketing across industries. From advertising on the Goodyear Blimp to displaying signs on ski trails in Utah, entrepreneurs like you are constantly identifying ways to generate maximum returns through minimal investment. The seminar industry has a highly personalized, human interaction-based focus, in which your seminar attendees accept invitations so that they can learn from you and profit from your vast knowledge and experience.

Hot seminar leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc. involve one-on-one interaction at several levels. Our Live Transfer leads are motivated individuals who are not only aware of your seminar and training products, they are seriously interested in learning more from you to improve the quality of their lives. Qualified and pre-screened seminar leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc. can pack your auditorium in no time and pave the way for numerous sales and sign-ups during your seminar event.

The seminar industry is hot right now and continues to sizzle. So why not speak to one of our Seminar Leads Consultants and order a value-priced package of seminar leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc.? Connect with hundreds of buyers today!

Our seminar leads are not only fresh, they are exclusive. Your competition won't even know they exist because seminar leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc. are never resold or purchased from external vendors. We generate our own leads and carefully screen them for you prior to transferring them. Seminar leads are client-specific and well-versed regarding your product fundamentals prior to the voice transfer.

In essence, all you have to do is to close the sale! If your sales team needs to talk to the lead more than once, this is fine too. After all, the seminar lead is yours and you own the lead. It is not shared with anyone. Does that give you enough reason to sign up with Higher Response Marketing, Inc. and at least try our entry-level seminar leads and conference lead packages? Call us and ask one of our Seminar Lead Consultants to show you how our Live Transfer leads work and why the entire event and workshop industry is talking about it!

Seminar leads from Higher Response Marketing, Inc. are based on cutting-edge Live Transfer Technology which enables your sales force to speak with your seminar lead live, in Real Time, with no delays. Unlike Internet paper leads, our seminar leads are not extracted from computer-generated online forms or feedback instruments. Our highly qualified counselors prospect for leads and pre-qualify them before they are transferred to you.

Use our live lead generation services for a wide array of seminars:

  • Real Estate seminars
  • Financial seminars
  • Networking seminars
  • Leadership seminars
  • Mortgage and refinancing seminars
  • Personal growth seminars
  • Wellness seminar
  • Annuity seminars
  • Relationship seminar
  • Many other types of seminar marketing programs
The list is endless and chances are that you will probably tread new areas of knowledge and expertise in the future. Therefore, plan for the future and call Higher Response Marketing, Inc. today and pack your seminars with prospects that are not simply there to learn and listen, but to buy and establish a long-term relationship with you. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation and instantly reach celebrity author status on all major networks!

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