Higher Response marketing with its own state of the art Live Transfer platform. We can help improve the productivity of your collections department. Higher Response marketing platform can call your past due accounts and play a Late Payment Reminder pre-recorded message or if the person you are trying to call answer we can transfer them right to your collections department where one of your agent will receive the call. Higher Response marketing can send voice reminders to help eliminate the late Payment by send call out before your client is late or if you client has been late in the past and play different messages based upon the delinquent amount. If multiple calls are required, the phone system can likewise play different messages with warning. When contact is made with an individual, your reminders may simply provide instructions on how to repay the delinquent amount. Addition, Higher Response marketing offers a press 1 Live Transfer option which provides the contact to be connected one of your collection agents by pressing a touch phone response, in which case our dialer will transfer the call.

Now when your collection agent speaks with an individual, the purpose of the call has already been identified, and the agent can spend more time arriving at a settlement. No longer will debt collectors spend hours dialing numbers, dealing with busy signals, and repeating routine introductions and messages. Your calls will be highly productive because routine functions are off loaded to your phone system. Fewer collection agents can process more calls. Routine calls can be eliminated completely when the debtor follows the instructions you provide in your phone message. Your debt collectors can spend their time handling more serious and complex debt collection calls. Here are a few examples of how our automated phone system can benefit your collection service organization.

For a further description of this state of the art technology, visit our Exclusive Real Time Live Transfer web page.

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